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I'm Finally Back Home
Location: BlogsSusan G Allen    
Posted by: Susan Allen 6/24/2006

Hi Everyone,

I have been a very busy lady lately.   I have been to Chicago and Las Vegas buying many new pendants and silver.  Last week I took a number of classes from a silvermith and several jewelry artisans.  I learned how to solder and fuse silver.  It will open up a whole new area of jewelry making for me. 

From the artisans I learned several metal forming techniques and metal connections that do not use solder or fusing.  This sort of connecting is called cold connections.   I can't wait to try them and create many new items for you.   I have included a few pictures of the items I created while in class.  Take a look.  Just remember these were my first ones. 

Well that is all for now it is time to get busy with my new torch.


  Earrings red dangles.jpg

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