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Susan G Allen
Author: Susan Allen Created: 6/22/2006
Journal of Artist Susan G Allen

Having a ball on my grand opening
By Susan Allen on 9/20/2006
Details will come soon

Grand Opening
By Susan Allen on 9/18/2006

Hi Everyone,

It is Monday and I am getting very excited for my Grand Opening.  I have been working very hard to get many new items for Wednesday.  I can't wait for you to see the new Jewelry Boutique. 

Hope you can make it on Wednesday the 20th.  There will be appetizers and beverages as well as harp music by artist Audrey Nowak for your pleasure.

Hope to see you Wednesday,


Bridal Hair Jewelry
By Susan Allen on 7/1/2006
Hi Brides, I have just created a few hair jewelry pins for brides or attendants. Check below for a picture. These were made for a bride named Amanda. She will be married on July 15th. I wish you a day of happiness and blessings.

New Pendants Arrived
By Susan Allen on 7/1/2006

Hi Everyone,

I just received a few new pendants.  One is called Ribbon Turquoise.  It is just like its title described.  I also received several new items using coins.  Please check the pendants tab to view a picture of these pieces.

Happy Browsing,


I'm Finally Back Home
By Susan Allen on 6/24/2006

Hi Everyone,

I have been a very busy lady lately.   I have been to Chicago and Las Vegas buying many new pendants and silver.  Last week I took a number of classes from a silvermith and several jewelry artisans.  I learned how to solder and fuse silver.  It will open up a ...


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