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Susan G Allen
Author: Susan Allen Created: 6/22/2006
Journal of Artist Susan G Allen

Bridal Hair Jewelry
By Susan Allen on 7/1/2006
Hi Brides, I have just created a few hair jewelry pins for brides or attendants. Check below for a picture. These were made for a bride named Amanda. She will be married on July 15th. I wish you a day of happiness and blessings.

New Pendants Arrived
By Susan Allen on 7/1/2006

Hi Everyone,

I just received a few new pendants.  One is called Ribbon Turquoise.  It is just like its title described.  I also received several new items using coins.  Please check the pendants tab to view a picture of these pieces.

Happy Browsing,


I'm Finally Back Home
By Susan Allen on 6/24/2006

Hi Everyone,

I have been a very busy lady lately.   I have been to Chicago and Las Vegas buying many new pendants and silver.  Last week I took a number of classes from a silvermith and several jewelry artisans.  I learned how to solder and fuse silver.  It will open up a ...


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